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A Bachelor Pad in Barcelona

In this episode Katya is helping a Canadian client who lives in Switzerland find his million dollar home in Barcelona. It’s a fun episode with many interesting properties and spaces visited.

Season 139, Episode 19. Watch the Episode here. 

Head First in Barcelona

Apart from sales, Katya can also assist with rental properties. A young couple decides to move in together and find an apartment in Barcelona, Spain. They’ve only dated a few months and they’re still learning about each other, which makes Katya’s work quite a challenge.

Season 142, Episode 10. Watch the episode here. 

Doggie and Vino in Barcelona

Here is a couple and their dog, Normak the Wine Dog! who have decided to start a totally new life and business together in Barcelona. Katya helps guide them to their new home in Barcelona!

Season 158, Episode 7. What the Episode here. 

No More Suitcases

After living out of a suitcase working with pro-cyclists around the world for six years, a massage therapist is looking to put down roots in the cycling mecca of Girona, Spain. Katya helps her find her perfect home. 

Season 143, Episode 47. Watch the Episode Here.

House Hunters International in Barcelona

Bracing for Change in Barcelona

A Pennsylvania couple is ready to leave small-town American life behind for an adventure abroad in Barcelona. After years of waiting, one is anxious to settle, while the other is set on perfection. Urbane presents them with some amazing options!

Season 136, Episode 13. Watch the episode here. 

Real Estate Personal Shopper

In House Hunters International Katya works as a Personal Shopper for real estate. This is a little different from the normal work you might expect from a broker. If you are interested in learning how this service you can click here. 

Urbane International Real Estate is a fully licensed real Barcelona real estate with AICAT 8994 

Real Estate Personal Shopper Barcelona

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